Package Forwarding Service

Reason to use a package forwarding service

Many stores in the USA will not ship internationally. The main reason for this is customs regulations and international shipping requirements are complex and smaller stores simply do not have the personnel or experience needed to handle international shipping. The solution is to get a US Address from a package forwarding company and have your US purchases shipped there. Once you have all the items you want in your virtual mailbox you can log into your account and request to have your purchases shipped to your home address in your country. 4MailHub currently ships to over 20 countries.

Will you be charged sales
tax on your purchases?


Many forwarding companies are located in a State that charges Sales Tax so in many cases you may be charged sales tax on purchases. 4MailHub is located in the State of Georgia which has NO SALES TAX. So any purchases you have shipped to your 4MailHub address will have no sales tax. This can save you between 7% and 10% on your purchases compared to other forwarders.


Package consolidation :
combine purchases into one box

You will save the most money by purchasing multiple items from different stores and then have them combined and shipped together in one box to your final destination. When you are ready to ship your items, 4MailHub will consolidate your packages into as few boxes possible (usually one box). Just select the items you want consolidated in the shipment and we’ll pack them all together to save you the most on international shipping costs.

Some stores won't ship to package forwarders

There are cases where some stores do not ship to Freight Forwarders. When this occurs the store usually just cancels the order.
We offer two options if your order is canceled by the store:

Alternate address
We’ll provide you an alternate address where you can attempt to order the items to. This address is not linked to your 4MailHub address and many stores will ship to this address and not block it. You can request this alternate address from your account center.
Personal shopper services
You tell us what you want to purchase and one of our personal shoppers will make the purchase for you. It will be received into your account like all other packages. This service allows you to purchase from almost any store.

Global shipping partners

4MailHub offers shipping with top carriers UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS. We also offer Yamato for shipments going specifically to Japan.


Real-time shipment tracking

You’ll receive tracking information as soon as your shipment leaves our facility.


Import duties and taxes

Normally the carriers will have you pay the assessed duties and taxes when they deliver your package to you. You just pay the fee to the driver.


Unacceptable items

There are certain items that 4MailHub does not allow. Please look at our unacceptable items list so you have a general idea of what we will not ship.